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Default Espar D4 High Altitude Pump

I wanted to share some knowledge, as I spent quite a bit of time researching and had trouble finding any definite direction regarding using the high alt pump full time (even at low altitude). Several techs at Espar confirmed this does NOT cause any damage and "blow-out" will not be an issue.

The heater works fine at sea level with the high altitude pump. I actually considered the 15% reduced output a benefit, as I understand these heaters ideally run on high more often to mitigate any carbon build up. With that said, I did find the limit of this setup.

While parking at a ski resort (Red Mountain, BC) at about 3,500 feet, the heater had trouble keeping the van 70* F when it got below 15* F outside. It could get to 65* or so, but that was about the limit. After swapping the low-altitude pump back in, I could easily keep the van as warm as I wanted.

I still do think it is a good option for some people, especially if you never get into this cold of weather, but wanted to share my experience in case this comes up for anyone in the future!

After you swap the pump once, it's really a less than 5 minute job. With that, I will just keep both on board and put the high altitude pump in before the rare case of camping above 5,000 feet.

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