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Default Re: North meets South

Originally Posted by DavidAlejandro7 View Post
When I was at Ft Bragg we had an incident with a billy in a bro-dozer. Ran me off the road on my bike, so I threw my water bottle at his truck. He and his buddy made the mistake of stopping and getting out. I didn’t remove his valve cores, but I did cut two valve stems after I knocked them silly. We didn’t have Tesla’s or priuses; the bro-dozers would try to pick on cyclists back in the day.
Lol. My baby brother was 82nd Airborne at Fort Bragg, and has told me stories about Fort Bragg and "Fayett-Nam".

I have no idea why some nicotine-saturated tub of lard would choose to pick a fight with someone that has a resting pulse of 40 beats per minute, but whatever.

For a number of years, I rode the "STP" (Seattle To Portland) 200-mile bicycle ride as a member of one of the one-day safety teams (three-member teams comprised of an Oregon Police Officer, a Washington Police Officer, and a medical professional). I carried my department-authorized Glock 17, a pair of Hiatt alloy handcuffs, and a cell phone, as discreetly as possible. It seemed like at least once a year, I would end up trying to talk some booger-eater out of losing a fight to the police. I was not always successful.

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