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Default Re: The first passenger car to pull a wheelie on launch during a drag test?

Originally Posted by autostaretx View Post
Porsches were (probably) too "refined" to engage in such antics.
Is that your guess?

But they did have the "endearing" habit during servicing that: IF you removed the "bird cage" air filters above the carburetors to balance them, a lovely blue flame-front would appear hovering above the throat thanks to the very early opening intake valves (which also overlapped with the exhaust valves still being open).
The bird cages were a combination filter and caged "miner's lamp" flame arrestor.

--dick (ah, the good old days (the above is a tale from 1970ish))
Just about all modern engines have intake/exhaust overlap.

And engines with IR (Individual Runner) intake manifolds, are subject to fuel "stand off", due to the sound waves bouncing back and forth from the intake valve to the intake trumpet. More so with carbureted engines. Under certain conditions, you can see a "fog" of fuel hovering above each barrel.

But any flame coming out of the intake tract would be a backfire, and that's not a normal part of any internal-combustion engine's operation.

"Tea strainer" screens are used for two purposes, in two different applications. The first application is a race car with no air filters- the tea strainers are used to prevent rocks from getting into the engine and causing catastrophic engine failures. The second application is in road vehicles with filtered IR intakes- the tea strainers are used to prevent backfire malfunctions from setting the air filter element on fire, which could burn the car down.
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