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Default Re: Trying to find the courage to do a 170WB build

Originally Posted by Wirelessness View Post
Thanks for all of the replies. I am still on the fence about taking on the build. If I could just commit to making the purchase I'm sure I would figure it out from there.

I think part of what is holding me back now is I'm second guessing this notion that having this ultra flexible camper van will somehow change my life for the better. I have this vision that it will transform my family into National Park hopping adventurers when school is out and or weekend boondocking warriors. We do a small amount of that now but not nearly enough in my mind. In all honesty I have this overwhelming feeling that we NEED a change like this and I can't think of anything better.
I think taking on a van build is something to do if you think youíll enjoy the build process, not just enjoy the end product. As others have said, this is a real time sink. Iím finding that we are getting out in the wild _less_ right now, because building out the van is sucking up spare time. I donít want to discourage you, because in my mind itís a great project, and could be something your kids could participate in too, but know what youíre getting into. (Also depends on your kids and their interests of course)

Hereís a promaster build with raised hammocks and a fold down bed. Wonít give you a garage, but if you can park the bikes outside while sleeping it could give you room for both. This was custom welded, so requires some skill or hiring someone.

As for a mobile office, thatís something Iím working on too - could be as simple as a swivel seat and a fold-down table, but it depends what you want/need - do you require multiple monitors in order to work efficiently?
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