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Default Re: Australia Post - NCV3 Sprinter

Humm! I'll rephrase what I said or should have said as there is two thought's on the go at the moment on this one. both are coming out Of Sydney, Brisbane and Tas street talk the same issue has arisen in Canada with very similar issues,that has Merritt.
Post man Postman, don't be slow... be like Richard go man go.

Mercedes Benz has upgraded both the Sprinters and the Vito for per say 2008.. but even without the upgrades MB has been kicking some erior in the van segment. And it seems like mostly Ford's gluteas maximus, that's getting in the way of Ben'z bruising drop-punt.

After a 25 year unbroken record of supplying Transvestites Vans to Aus-Post Ford has lost out to Ben'z Sprinter-the German Company having secured a five year contract to provide 1200 new vehicles or thereabouts for your snails mail to reach it's destination , It will take more than a Sprinter to fix that one but that another story.

The word on the streets from the back room boys is that the Transit was minnowed out of the running at an early stage, apparently based partly on the Postals services recent experience with the same vehicle...
Despite benz's being hamstrung... by not being able to demonstrate such features as the sprinters Adaptive ESP????....which takes into account different payloads, vehicle weight distribution and over the vehicles (variable) centre of gravity, The Sprinter , still took out TOP SPOT in Aussie's Post's Battle of the Vans.

Ben'z marketing people said they were hoping for the opportunity to show the Sprinters abilities on a race track, weaving through a salom with and without payloads.However! The tendering process apparently didn't allow for that one.
The postal preferences for the Sprinter are the icing on the cake for Benz, the ambulance services also opting for more Sprinters replacing older and or upgrading from the old Ford F350 most of those are up North now-days and Central out back the sprinter has issues there but that could easily be fixed, Just to really spoil Ford's breakfast, MB old news now...introduced a 12 seater bus variant of the Sprinter.
There are only two other models in this configuration in the Australian market, and Ford sells one of them... I'll add to that at the end of this print.
Mind you Ford wont be felling the pinch there too much.In January,six transvestites were sold-versus..189 units of the..Toyota Hi-Ace Commuter.

Ford has attempted to take back the initiative from Benz by announcing Standard ABS on the release of the 2007 Ford Transit with optioned up Adaptive ESP ABS and it was a good price I'll give them credit for that one , whether it worked or not, the not so new upgrades for Transit on precisely the same day as the revised Sprinter and Vito media-launch but it smacks of too little too late.
Daimler AG world wide has increased it's sales by marketing direct to fleet operations, and has been successful in doing so, as Daimler AG has always done by investing and looking to alternative options of increased sales.

Media release! is not always accurate it plays on the positive and naturally does not quote on the negative side of a vehicle as to a alternative make.
Ford has the passenger Transit 49 grand Sprinter has the 12 seater passenger unit 76 grand plus on road costs plus accessories
Toyota has nothing to do with either Ford or the Sprinter that's in another class of its own.
Fiat has a passenger bus fitted out in Australia 49 grand.
Renault has a passenger unit 51 grand.again retro fitted as a passenger unit with correct suspension set.
Twenty six thousand dollars difference between these models goes to say who buys what in volume Mercedes is aiming for fleet sales others are looking for the Small operator and RV clan Fiats campers are everywhere as are the Transit RV units,, I am referring to current 2007-8 models one only has to go to the wharf at Melbourne as see whats coming down on the ferry TT-Line or go up to Brisbane Sydney Queensland and see how many other units,are on the road. Fords junk, Fiats are very equal to a sprinter even though it's front wheel drive, it has a chassis and that's where Fiat, wins and with price.
VW Crafters as RV units, are showing up stronger by the day, You can order a VW crafter with just about any configuration you want... VW is far more forgiving and willing to negotiate than the Mercedes dealership can! and or are willing to, even though both of the latter are Benz manufactured with different engines and transmissions, any colour you want not a problem, they are making inroads with sales as to Australia's booming economy.
MB put an increase on MB units each January.. VW has not increased prices for 18 months the increase from MB was not justified as to the Australian dollar reaching 89cents in the dollar at the 2008 year On tins we payed a heavy price for any Mercedes Benz unit but in fairness our dollar was on worth 69 cents back in 2005, the US dollar is worth less but the Aus price for sprinters has increased dramatically and there are dealerships who are not happy with the current practices by the principle importer of the Bent Benz. with how the sale with Aus Post was done.
Not my problem , but it is when resale values drop.. The biggest single courier in the southern hemisphere will be the key as to where he goes for the next vehicle MB or VW , I have a 50/50 bet-each way, on that one.
Its not that I know more, I don't My interest is is in a fair deal for everyone, it makes a great partnership and a customer base, that has a guarantee of a returning client coming back, a relationship with you dealer which takes years to build up where there is a mutual trust base between the sales rep and the customer, is only as strong as your loyalty can be, play games on trade back ,and watch the customer base disappear we are not going to stay on this roller coaster ride down under, it can not be sustained,and sales will be diverted as other manufactures catch up with the Fantastic Mercedes-Benz Sprinter the base cost of a Sprinter , you have to ask your self this question what's it worth on trade back! after a lease expires? used prices at dealerships have high markups, that's OK.. they have to buy refinance and resell them,but when the franchisee offers up to ten grand less than the one of the three red book values to a customer trade back valuation nothing for acc/s then the question becomes valid ..What's going On ? 10 thousand dollar mark up for resale...NO WARRANTY.
Toyota held its re-trade value the cheapest van on the market the Mitsubishi a 22 year old platform based van that should not even be on an Australian road sells drive away for 20 grand on the road with an ABN,and fleet discount, after three years, it still sells secondhand for 15 to 16 thousand dollars Sprinter, your lucky to get that even the ambos go to auction they get a better price at auction than a dealer can offer, although I admit I'd be cautious as to wanting to buy one. Yes Tasmania is my home base, but so is Brisbane, and I do travel and get about.
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