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Default Alternator decoupler failing?

Friday am 1000 miles from home I started the van, it sounded like a can of marbels and my ScanGuage indicated 11.2 volts and the battery indicator light flickered. Having no cell service and no choice I started toward the closest town. Within 1 mile the noise stopped and the volts shot to 14.2 eventually settling in at the expected 13.7ish. I decided to drive on toward a larger town and drove 500 miles without incident. Of course by the time I arrived the dealer had closed. I found a campground. Saturday morning I started the van and had the same noise, voltage drop and flickering lights. Again, within 1 mile, everything corrected itself. Feeling brave I drove the last 500 miles home without incident. The problem did not repeat itself upon start yesterday or this morning. The fact that it happened 2 days in a row and has not happened again concerns me. I'm going to replace the decoupler this week. Can these symptoms indicate something different that I may be missing?
2006 Freightliner
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