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Default Re: Contemplating 2015 Serenity

Originally Posted by Bertible View Post
Too bad we can't draw you over to the LTV side. I'm also on the island, and we have an older '08 Libero, the identical twin to the Serenity, but with Chevy chassis. We love our LTV, but I admit they are pricey, and rare, unless you find one of a similar age to your Navion.

I thought I would still answer the question about gravity chairs for other LTV owners. I posted a mod on the LTV forum for those Freedom II (original SerenityLibero coach) units with a fixed corner bed, and outside storage access below the bed. It might apply to newer Serenities, and CB Unities too, if they have this same storage compartment. In simple terms, you can cut a hatch in the vertical wall that splits the underbed storage in half. That enables you to stick larger items into the otherwise unusable storage space from outside. This mod might also work on the automated couch bed models, but the space gained would be less due to the folding mechanism taking some room (maybe 1 chair). A complementary mod is to create a hinged door from the bathroom side of the bed base to access the remaining underbed space for shoes, bottled water or critical supplies like TP, beer and peanut butter.

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I have a 2018 Serenity corner bed and did the same. I cut a passthrough from the outside side compartment through the plywood brace for the bed. I used 2x4" to reinforce the bed support and I can now load two folding tables and two folding lounge chairs through the opening. There is still room under the bed for rarely used items such as a travel duffle bag for times we decide to stay in a motel (this came in handy when we had to leave it for service).
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