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Default Contemplating 2015 Serenity


I presently have a 2008 Navion J which I am very pleased with, but for various reasons am considering a newer (2013 or 2015) serenity. Thus quite familiar with the sprinter chassis. We like the useable interior space without need for the slideout dinette that we currently have. It would be a bit lower profile and more stable that our tall Navion.

A couple of our concerns with the RV portion are:

The serenity has external unheated tanks including fresh water. Has anyone experienced driving or overnighting in colder temperatures while not yet winterized, and had freezeup problems?

Are any of the compartments big enough to put in a couple of gravity chairs

How well does the screen door work for you?

The 2013 that is available has very low mileage (10,000) and a good price, but it has the plastic folding bathroom door, amongst a few other issues. Can that be upgraded to a solid door??

Also requesting comments from anyone who is familiar with both Navion and Serenity on any differences we might not have noticed.
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