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Default Re: Stoked for incoming Travois Expedition

Now anticipating a February completion date and there have been a few modifications to the original spec since I first posted. The Travois Conestoga Expedition conversion still includes the full protection package with sill bars, front skid plate with brush bar and driving lights, transfer case cradle, winch, snorkel, trailer hitch, 265/75-16 all-terrain tires on custom wheels with fender flares.

Otherwise, there has been a switch to Dometic accessories including an electric awning, stainless fridge, sink, water heater, and 2-burner induction stove accompanied by an upgraded 3000W inverter. The onboard water tanks have been increased to 140 litres. In addition to their custom aluminum cabinets, Travois has designed their own floor system with L-track to accommodate an adjustable/removable seat-bed.
RIP: 2018 NCV3 4X4 Travois Conestoga Expedition low roof
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