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Thanks JMolan. I did see your previous posts stating you didnt have any issue with your 2016 so I was stoked to read that before I made the trip. I did see some newer style Sprinters in Baja along the highway so who knows.

I hear you on third acocount stories. Add mine to the list as a true account from some one who has actually been down there and used Pemex LSD with a newer Sprinter. I plan to drive down to Cabo next year or following but definitely some shorter trips next year are planned. I am really not deterrred from my experience. I will probably bring a couple gallons of ULSD so I can mix it with Pemex LSD just in case unless I hear more from others and some Diesel Kleen.

Besides the Sprinter is a an awesome vehicle in Baja! Plan to upgrade the suspension though with some Fox shox for some of those nasty roads though!

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