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Default Re: Water in Fuel Light WIF warning is on.

Hello All,

I'm new to the forum so if this question belongs elsewhere please advise.

I just purchased a 2017 Winnebago/Itasca Navion, MB 6 cyl., 3.0L. My question is: Are any of you using a fuel additive to prevent algae growth. I'm in Florida and as you know its hot and humid a climate ripe for the growth of fuel tank algae. Hopefully the tank is new and free of any growth and I would like to keep it that way from the get go.

MB has a recommendation but you can only get it in Europe. I called my local MB dealer and they could not help. If any of you are using a preventative in a newer unit can you please share the name and/or any suggestions could you please share.

Thanks in advance.
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