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Default Re: Oil. Is this the real deal or ?? Major bullet points and concerns

I've already taken heat here for this and will take it again. I've bought into a lot of what TS has informed me. I'm now doing 5K mile oil changes, switched oil, and followed a ton of other tips. Ironically I joined here a long time ago to learn about sprinters, and refreshed myself when I bought my current sprinter. His advice was compelling enough for me to buy in. I understand others who want to follow manufacturer's recommendations. But what I don't see are legitimate rebuttals to TS's claims. All I really hear is "mine's been fine for XXX,XXX miles. TS has explained in great detail why, in his opinion, I should change my oil every 5K miles given my driving conditions. Nobody has given me any reason why I should ignore that advice and go the full 20K oil change interval. There are 100 other more poignant points. I'm not trying to offend or insult anyone here. I've always said that I'm here just to learn as much as I can about my sprinter. FWIW
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