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Default Spray (gun) adhesive recommendations?

I'm going to put 1/4" foam down, and then some fabric over that for bed panels. So a large area, like 74x56 or something. Plus the lower wall panels too. I know I can use the 3M hi strength 90 in the can, but that's going to be a lot of cans. I'd love to use the Dap Weldwood Contact Adhesive - Landau Top and Trim HHR Solvent Type Spray - but I can't get it locally and no-one will ship it here (Alaska). At least not from Amazon or Ebay and I suspect it'd cost an arm and a leg even if I could find someone to ship it.

So local options are the spray cans as mentioned, or the original formula at the big box store Can this be sprayed though? Seems like it'd be a lot smoother and easier to spray this stuff on. I have a compressor and some cheep guns perfect for the job.

Suggestions and recommendations sought and appreciated.
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