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Default Re: NCV3 Check Engine Light Code P068A

Originally Posted by Bobnoxious View Post
My apologies folks, TGT is a patient of mine and he keeps slipping away from his padded cell, goes to the library computer to troll on the Sprinter forum. I'll order a thorazine IV drip.
You drinking again, Bob?

I'm trying to help the guy. The question he asked, is a survey of how many people have ever had symptoms like his, which is meaningless- there are any number of possible causes for his symptoms.

I suspect that what he's REALLY looking for, is information that would be helpful Correcting the Cause of his Concern. And that would involve an entirely different question.

As always, there are four steps to vehicle repair: Complaint, Cause, Correction, and Confirmation. He's done an okay job of articulating his Complaint: a code with no other symptoms. The next step would be to determine the Cause, which will require diagnosis, not internet polling.

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