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Default Re: Oil. Is this the real deal or ?? Major bullet points and concerns

Originally Posted by joedreamliner787 View Post
It's okay. Orion probally didn't get any attention when he was a kid. I took a look at his posts and it's evident he is a fire started.

On a side note thank you for sharing your info. May I ask what oil do you use? I don't want to use dealer oil because I know that dealers just get whatever drums then can at the lowest cost. I will be changing the oil, fuel filter and everything myself and will stick with a 5k mile interval.
All my pleasure to help. My particular oil change interval "preventive" maintenance regimen has been subject to harsh criticism among a certain cadre of forum members. Particularly, all knowing engineers.

I operate my Sprinter less than 500 miles annually, exercising it weekly. It's intend use is a Bug Out vehicle for the fast approaching Zombie Apocalypse. Go ahead, laugh all you want, just wait and see what happens when the feds crack down and dry up the meth supply or decriminalize its use. Either way, it's going to be bad. Or, how about shopping while "white"'at Walgreens and become a hapless flash mob victim.

My apologies, I digress. I change my oil annually. Excessive? Probably, but why would one care, it's my money, Sprinter and I recycle responsibly. I use Mobil One but will transition to MB brand next change.

The 20,000 miles oil change interval is advertising hyperbole targeting fleet customers and na´ve lease consumers, and judging from responses on this forum very effective deceptive advertising, alarmingly has duped many. What could be more appealing than a vehicle that doesn't require an oil change for 20,000 miles or during lease period?

20,000 mile OCI's maybe possible under IDEAL conditions. For example, lightly loaded, all highway operation, conservative driving habits, and minimal warm-up cycles.

Oh yeah, almost forgot, once upon a time, Mercedes Benz touted the "Sealed for life" transmission, never requiring fluid changes? How'd that play out? Then there was the maritime engineering marvel, Titanic, engineers proudly and triumphantly proclaimed, "Unsinkable." And, last but not least, Space shuttle, Challenger. Clearly, the evidence abundantly supports engineers are not always correct. Where I grew-up, we called "engineers" serial killers.

A few Mercedes documents to consider.
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