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Originally Posted by Gamma1966 View Post
I installed one on my Dometic A/C rooftop unit, shipped with my 2014 Unity MB.
Installation went easily following on-line video.
Unit does indeed reduce startup surge of the compressor, and it does run a little quieter, i.e. compressor is quieter, the fan system is still awful, so not to be used at night for sleeping.

I will be changing my Inverted circuits over to include the AC circuit, so I can run the unit off my 3000 Watt Inverter fed from my 650 AHr Lithionics Battery system. I will post more details once I have had experience running the system in boon dock mode.
Yesterday I finished modifying electrical so the AC is now powered on by either Shore Power or the Inverter. I ran the A/C unit for about 1-1/2 hrs. at full on, just see how the battery system responds to the constant load. Once the compressor kicked in the system drew 135 to 137 amp from the battery bank. (Note: Outside air temp about 78 DeF, starting air temp inside RV about 85 Deg F, set point 60 Deg F - Never reached this set point after 1-1/2 hrs of running)

I have 5 - 150 AHr Lithionics batteries in my RV so I have the potential to provide (( 150 x 5 ) x 80%) = 600 Ahrs; which means conservatively I could run the A/C under full load for 5 hrs. In practical terms I will probably only turn it on for a few hours to cool down the RV enough for sleeping; when dry camping. I have 400 watts of solar capacity; which will help augment the drain on the battery while running the AC.

Since I no longer have a generator, I use the Auxiliary Alternator to charge the battery bank; while driving or parked using High Idle option on the engine. Speaking of driving one of the nice things about running the A/C from the batteries is I can also drive and run the A/C and cool down the whole coach before I stop to camp at the end of a day’s drive!

We will never sleep with the A/C running because of the fan noise. Rather open the windows and use small table fans to cool the murphy bed space and / OR the skylight vent fans.

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