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Originally Posted by Bobnoxious View Post
Thanks for your patience and help Dick. I can be slow on the uptake. I am learning disabled in accordance with title 5 of Commiefornia Health and Education code. Or, was it title 7. Forgot.

Trying to change subject matter
What you're really trying for (in the final example) is:

Which, given IMG tags yields:

So, instead of my use of right-clicking, let's look at what you had:

From that, we only want the "End93EfxlfhGo"

which we drop into the surrounding boilerplate of "" and "/giphy.gif"

to get the desired:

...which you give to the Postcard icon (or manually add the surrounding [img] and [/img]

... or simply stop using an iPhone.

p.s. you are invited to try that "cookbook" approach with
The part that's important is 3og0IFuvb9S116ER3O (everything after the final hyphen (-))
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