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Default Re: Let's see what trolling crap K-9 SPRINTER is up to (again)...

Originally Posted by geoffs View Post

Based on the existence of this and other similar threads, I'm convinced we don't actually have ANY moderators.

.... Am respectfully disagreeing. Seek moderates well, the offending posts (offending to many) are contained within sub-forums here that are easy to ignore &, as aptly pointed out here in this thread, dealt with further if so desired.

.... Am admitting to being one who years ago initially questioned Seek as to why all the disrespect, innuendo, accusations & generally unpleasant, adolescent behaviors were even allowed anywhere here in the first place. He calmly & clearly stated his position & clamps down when the chaos infects elsewhere here other than where it's designated. As a consequence, most every legit Sprinter vehicle sub-forum here remains clean & Seek's wisdom is to be respected, in my estimation, as every other message board one sees out here has this problem of crap postings.

.... But when one may wish to join the fray... maybe your better half just got back from power shopping (you know, when she has an unlimited budget & exceeds it?) & you want to lash out, then the Danger Zone is there for anyone - where one may bash Barry, scream against the religion & politics of your choice, or ten thousand other rants (which I partake in on occasion as well). Helps me to go off while standing on my soapbox as the meds screw what my widdle bwain has remaining as the cancer continues to eat me alive.

.... God bless Seek. God bless OrioN. God bless bladerunner. God bless George Bush The Danger Zone.

That said, am making a motion that this thread be sent to the Danger Zone & a new one troll-free be renewed in its place. Thank you.



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