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Default Re: Orton DIY Transit

Miss Piggy now has a new floor. Took considerable time to get done. Object was to minimize noise, add insulation and give floor attachment points for the bench seats, table, sink cabinet and the refrigerator/shower cabinet. Also wanted the 80/20 (T-slots) extrusion frame to be thermally isolated from the van steel.

Step # 1: Removed Transit insulated vinyl pad and slider door plastic step cover.
Step # 2: Built 80/20 frame and temporarily placed it on bare floor.
Step # 3: Located and cut 4" x 4" air vent hole, 1 3/8" sink drain hole, 1 3/8" shower drain hole, 1 3/8" propane box drain hole, drilled two additional holes in floor to anchor 80/20. Used two existing floor holes as will as 8 perimeter D-ring tapped holes.
Step # 4: removed the 80/20 framework.
Step # 5: made the 7 perimeter plywood anchor aluminum angles.
Step # 6: Cut 4 pieces of 1/2" plywood for floor. Joint down centerline and another cross van just behind slider door opening.
Step # 7: Again reinstalled the 80/20 framework.
Step # 8: Located all the hole locations on the plywood where 80/20 bolts to the plywood and the bolt holes for angles bolted to D-ring bolt holes on the perimeter. From below located the air vent hole, the three 1 3/8" holes and drilled the four through the floor anchor bolt holes.
Step # 9: Cut and drilled all the holes in the plywood. Painted plywood. Installed the elevator bolts in plywood with polyurethane adhesive between bolt head and plywood.
Step # 10: Used adhesive to install 1/2" plywood strips at slider and back door thresholds. Used adhesive to install 1/2" plywood strip across van behind seats to support 80/20. Also added 1/2" plywood strips at several places where there was a long distance between the raised portions of the corrugated floor.
Step # 11: Filled between the floor corrugations with close celled foam.
Step # 12: Covered floor with 1/8" loaded vinyl for noise control and moisture barrier. Calked around perimeter of vinyl with elastic caulk. Drilled and cut holes in vinyl layer.
Step # 13: Installed plywood floor.
Step # 14: Installed 1 1/2" rigid insulation under cabinets and used "Great stuff" spray foam to fill any voids.
Step # 15. Filled 80/20 framework in walk area with bottom layer of 1" rigid insulation, middle layer of 1/8" Masonite and a top layer of 3/8" gym mat.

Took a lot of time but I now have insulated floor with the 80/20 thermally isolated from the van steel. Also have the bottom 80/20 framework for the cabinets and benches.
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