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Default Re: Maxxair Deluxe vs Maxxair Plus

Just watched a video on the Deluxe version.

We purchased a 2015 RT Agile that came with the "Plus" model... had no idea they made the "Deluxe" version with the built-in rain shield. That would be FAR more preferable!

The vent we have works well, but it's frustrating when it automatically closes even in a light rain; if it's hot & humid, it quickly becomes almost intolerable in the camper. We even carry a small battery-operated fan for relief when that happens. Have avoided buying a vent cover because they stick up so much higher than the original fan. The Deluxe version takes that problem out of the picture.

Going to put the Deluxe version on my wish list!!
2015 RT SS Agile, 3.0 V-6
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