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Default Coolant Top Up

On the US Sprinter Site a member mentioned he topped up with Green Collant rather than MB Coolant. Unknowingly I did the opposite. The previous owner of our MB MH apparently did not believe the MB claim that their coolant lasts 15 years with regular check ups and must have changed the coolant within the first 5 years of ownership.

After a coolant test, all OK but since I was going to the Snowy and the coolant looked a bit down bought the true Blue MB stuff and put in 1/2 a cupfull. Don't think it will cause any problems just annoyed that the original owner did not 1, Leave the original coolant in the vehicle or 2 replace with the True Blue MB stuff.

Then again may have been carried out by a workshop and he paid for the true blue but received the sea water green.

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