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Default Re: Will I overload the inverter?

Just to add a bit more information on the heating pad. I emailed the mfg. and asked what the amperage draw is at the # 1 setting that I use. The web site says 6.2 amps maximum. The reply I got from the mfg. stated that when it is on it draws 6.2 amps. They cycle it on/off for the lower settings. I know I do not use 6.2 amp x 8 hrs (run time) = 50 amp hrs. each night. That would discharge my 255 amp-hr battery down to 80% SOC. The most I have seen it discharge with the heating pad is 8%. The 8% discharge includes the heating pad and the 80 liter refrigerator. If I assume the refrigerator and heating pad use equal amounts of power, then the heating pad alone uses about 10 amp-hrs for the night.
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