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Default Re: Placed our order for 2014 Era - can't wait!

Hi neighbor. Congrats on the 2014 chassis. Winnie is also in the process of moving production to a new plant closer to Forest City, which is BADLY needed for space. Yours will probably not come out of that plant.
The 2014 Sprinter has some upgrades safety wise that are good of course, and I know for a fact that the 70X model is getting a sliding screen door inside the side slider which makes me envious. Don't know what other "upgrades" their doing on the coach save for maybe?? a tankless water heater? That's a considerably more expensive piece than the standard Atwood model though. Winnebago sometimes makes mid year minor changes to their units, all for the better.
Unless you are headed south for the winter, there's really nothing you will need until after you get home and can think about it.

A suggestion of a few things to get if you just have to spend some $$$ though.

One of these for sure, not necessarily from these guys. Shop around online for one.
A couple others are a 15/20 amp to 30 amp converter plug and a 50 amp to 30 amp plug. The 15 amp and 50 amp ends would be the male end. Sometimes your power pedestal at campgrounds or home(s) you plug into don't have a 30 amp working plug so you use the converter(s) to make a working setup. You should really never plug into a less than 20 amp circuit anywhere, but if you are not going to run the coach air you should be ok on a 15.

Remember the Sprinter is not a regular vehicle unless you have previous experience with a Mercedes diesel. It takes a special oil and you definitely want to stick with OEM or Mann or Hengst filters. BEWARE of eastern European or Chinese made filters for sure. I buy all my Mann oil filters and the proper spec oil, (do my own maintenance), on Amazon at excellent prices.

More folks will speak up here that own 70A's I'm sure....
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