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Default Re: EasyStart™ 364 (3-ton) Soft Starter-any experience?

I just cleaned it very well and lightly sanded it and used Rustoleum Painter Touch,, that is advertised to bond to plastic and it does. It comes in lots of colors so you could use cream, light gray, antique white, another light color if you don't want bright white. I just happened to have a bunch of cans of white that I bought at Ollie's so I went with white and I'm happy with it. It goes well with my Ultra Breeze vent covers which are white. A white AC cover definitely makes a difference, I found myself turning the thermostat up on the first trip with this EasyStart mod and I loved that I can't hear the compressor running and it stopped the quick cycling!
2014 Unity Murphy Bed/2014 MB Chassis
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