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2014 LTV Unity Murphy Bed
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Default Re: EasyStart™ 364 (3-ton) Soft Starter-any experience?

I just Installed an Easy Start on my AC and now the compressor runs so quiet I can't hear it kick on. I also took Gamma1966 advice and painted my AC cover white, it should make a temperture difference. I know when I went to a white metal roof on my porch the temperature dropped 10 degrees. Anyway, all I hear now is just fan running. I hear no discernable noise difference when the compressor kicks on. I can't even tell when the compressor kicks on. The only way I would know it turned on is if I look at the voltage meter that I have plugged into one of my outlets. When the compressor kicks on the voltage drops from 123v to 119v. I like that it runs quieter but I wanted it so I can run my AC even if I only have access to a 20 amp outlet or a lower power 30 or 50 amp receptacle. Recently I was at a campground that gave me a site with a 50 amp receptacle but when I plugged in my surge protector when to power but it said low voltage  (L1) and 16 amps. My AC ran fine. I hope this PDF of my install helps someone else have an easier time than I did. I ran into trouble because the instructions lead you to believe you can use the generator for power to go through the Learn Process. That is absolutely not the case, so thankfully they have great tech support and a comprehensive document support on their web site. I've attached the documents I used for this install.

I also watched these 2 videos. The first one is an install on a unit that is very close to the one on my Unity. It just doesn't have the heat pump. So it's really the best to watch. The second video goes through more details and is just another reference.

2014 Unity Murphy Bed/2014 MB Chassis

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