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Default MB Flagstaff is the best! MB Arrowhead is a disgrace!

I must applaud MB flagstaff for their courtesy, professionalism, attention to detail and customer care. The actually listened to me, worked with me to check on things and detail what they were doing throughout the repair and did not rob me. I also saw them find solutions for other sprinter folk, tell them how they can DIY and skip massive repair expenses. They are old school and commendable. Their coffee is also up to par.

Im calling out MB Arrowhead due to their disrespect, shortness, and terrible coffee. Ive found that some dealerships very much begrudge Sprinters and their drivers... this is one of them. Because Tucson is booked 3 weeks out for van work, I made a Saturday morning appointment at Arrowhead.
I pulled in Saturday morning, service department told me that they dont service sprinters on the weekend, then proceeded to poke fun at my 'mobile consultancy'. I asked for a manager and they refused. I had an appointment booked, why did no one reach out. I had to leave before I became disruptive. But not without a coffee. I will restate- their coffee sucks.

Thank you MB Flagstaff, Dustin and Kelly went above and beyond!
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