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Default Re: Passenger Van Drawbacks and Limitations

Iím converting a 2015 right now. AFAIK, the flares fit in the exact position as the windows, so that shouldnít complicate anything.

I removed the roof AC; you will need to find out if you have a second compressor or if it runs off the main one. Either way, take it to an AC shop to have the refrigerant drained, and then remedy what needs to be done (ie, lines capped with a single compressor).

Forum member Hein sells an aluminum plate to cover the holes left by the AC - you can choose from a complete block, a home for a MaxxAir, or a larger opening Hehr sunroof. Itís a pretty straightforward process.

You can sell the roof AC; thereís usually someone out there who has inadvertently hit a low-hanging garage and needs a replacement...

Pics of hole after AC removal and with plate for MaxxAir-

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