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Question Passenger Van Drawbacks and Limitations

First time post guys! Lots of great information here so I thought I'd ask before I buy. I'm about to purchase a 2018 4x4 144 Passenger van (20K miles, heavily optioned) that is partially converted. Before I buy I wanted to ask the experts on this forum if I should be concerned about continuing the build. My primary concerns are the the rear side windows and the OEM AC unit mounted on the roof. Do the windows complicate adding flares? I'm 6'1 and want to be able to sleep across the width of the van. Also not sure about the roof mounted AC unit as I never see those on converted vans. Looks like it leaves a huge hole if removed but maybe it's actually good to have. What do you guys think? Do the windows and AC unit limit my conversion options? Bottom line question is should I go for it and work with it as is or should I wait and find a crew or cargo version. Thanks in advance for sharing your thoughts.
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