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Default Re: West Africa Trip Anyone?

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Any room for a fellow sprinter van enthusiast to join you without a van there? I am always looking for another bucket list item to add while I am still relatively in good enough shape to hike around and be mobile.

I recently watched a history of the Dakar race from Paris to Dakar and there seemed to be an alternative in the making that might bring this race back from South America.

The last Dakar was, in my opinion, focused too much on running in deep sand dunes, to the point of becoming repetitive. Holding the entire race in Peru was also a factor that bugged me.

Crossing national borders has always been a part of this longstanding endurance race until this past year.

Here is to a great trip whenever it happens. I will be looking forward to your reports as they come in. Thanks for sharing to all here.
I think renting a vehicle (usually Toyota Prado's/LC's or Mitsubishi Shoguns in that part of the world) will be prohibitively expensive but the real issue would probably be crossing borders.
I'll ask the question though
We'll no doubt follow some of the Paris - Dakar route. We drove a lot of it in the Sprinter last year.
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