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Default Re: Maybe helpful to Sprinter camper converters to be

Harry so far so good.
We choose Blue Sky 3000i. It's MPPT so that helps a bit, I
don't think our 160watt panel emulates a 200 but at the time
it was the biggest we could get and also have the air-con and vent
fan. I toyed with adding two more smaller panels but we decided to
add a half roof rack for two big duffels, for when we don't take the Stow-a-way
The 3000i was programmable for our Battle Borns, that was a good thing we didn't
anticipate during the initial build/choosing of parts and components. We also
got lucky in choosing the Samlex EVO 2212 for charger-inverter; it was also lithium
The only thing I changed out was the Projecta ICD-25 (not programmable) to a
Sterling Power BB1230, programmable and with direction on the Battle Born site.

Way more than asked. Sorry :)
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