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Default Re: Maybe helpful to Sprinter camper converters to be

Petem we have plenty of clearance for a Promaster, but that's saying only so much!
We recently did the front end lift mod and gained an 1.5 inch up front besides also more leveling
of the whole rig. Wish I'd done that before installing the propane tank-would have made crawling
under a hundred times easier.
We've done many a forestry service road but it's mostly washboards and potholes versus departure angle so
the remote fill box hasn't become an issue (yet). For ground clearance first to 'plow' are the running boards, then the muffler,
then the propane regulator shroud and so far only the running boards have scraped dirt.
If doing it again I'd not use the box for the remote fill, just brackets instead.

Glad you noticed the tucked up and in location of the does put the tank within 10 inches of the catalytic converter so maybe you also
noticed the heat shield and heat tape. So far in a 7 mile climb up gravel/pothole filled forestry road e.g. 5mph max, we hit 110F (bluetooth remote
temperature probe affixed to the tank). Blue Rhino says no more than 124F for their BBQ grill tanks but they don't have a pressure relief valve.

One wide reason (notice I didn't say big reason) for Promaster choice was being able to sleep side to side. I'm 6' tall and just squeek by :)

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