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Default Re: What do you think of the Advanced RV Sprinter?

For many years Sprinter has offered a fast idle option to facilitate charging without building up carbon in the engine. The standard alternator is now 220 amps. The engine starts and then switches from regular idle to the fast mode. Advanced offers up to six batteries as well as the big inverter being standard. AGMs are standard, lithium batteries are an option. The air conditioner is a 15,000 BTU soft start (reduced initial current surge) model.

No propane. Heat is via an Espar that heats glycol stored in a tank that is also heated electrically if shore power is available (a diesel generator is an option). Domestic hot water is instant via a coil in the always hot tank. Coach space heat is from this system. To keep your toes comfy there is an option of a heated floor also!
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