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Default Re: What do you think of the Advanced RV Sprinter?

I just ordered one a few weeks ago.

A couple of years ago I sold my short 2500 DIY camper and left this forum. At age 73 I now find long slow trips cooped up on my boat do not allow me to move enough (arthritis) so I am going to get back on the road with the seasons. I mostly travel alone, but I wanted certain features in a Class B. Someone at Sprinter Fest East mentioned Advanced RV, I looked at the Internet site, and visited the factory. The folks are marvelous to work with and will make the changes that I desire. This is a major advantage of dealing directly with the builder rather than through a dealer. I became convinced that the build quality is superior than the competition Class B builders. I have been able to pick and choose among features and interior materials. Their approach to systems is very high tech and propane is eliminated. A generator is not necessary due to large battery capacity, a large inverter, and automatic engine start to charge batteries even if the van is unattended such as when AC is left on for pets. They have agreed to omit exterior graphics to facilitate stealth camping. Advanced RV is expensive but I think worth it.

I have visited recently to make some final detailed decisions. I am sure that I will go again prior to my expected delivery in the late summer.
2013 Advanced RV
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