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Default Re: What do you think of the Advanced RV Sprinter?

We were at the B10 Rally and there were two Advanced RVs there. The owners, Mike and Marcia Nuendorfer came in one and participated as regular members of the group. Another person from Florida brought the other one.

First, it is a Sprinter. You can look at any Sprinter to know what to expect. The Advanced RV Sprinter comes in as a Cargo Sprinter with a full complement of safety features and decked out with the steering wheel buttons, etc. The conversion quality is better than the other major converters, IMO. From there, they are willing to do custom design work to an extent, and you can look at their plans and options to get what you want. They are not custom compared to Sportsmobile but they are willing to work with you on ideas.

They are pricey but every Sprinter B is getting that way.
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