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Default Re: What do you think of the Advanced RV Sprinter?

I haven't seen the overhead cabinets of the Ocean One so am just hoping they took heed and improved on them. There are two major complaints I had with the Legend. The first is the was not enough depth of the cabinets in the kitchen over the counter compared to LTV or P-W. I wanted them to pay more attention about what kind of things you can store up there. The other complaint, though they may look nice, is the variable depth flared cabinets on the sides. They make for very difficult storage planning. I've pointed that out to both Great West Vans and Advanced RV.

The new ownership of Great West last June told me they were evaluating their design. I suspect you will see an evolution and some changes. I've looked at a few Legend EXes and they all had some different changes and refinements. Some I liked and some I didn't. They have some flexibility and willingness to make changes that the bigger converters seemingly don't. Since the Advanced RV owner, Mike Nuendorfer and Mike Ellis participated in that culture of flexibility at Great West, I am assuming and hoping they will carry through with that philosophy as well.
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