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Originally Posted by autostaretx View Post
My scangauge is happy to provide that info ... where can i find a 20% grade?
(my *guess* is that i hit a peak of about 48 liters per hour in "stressed" situations)
But that's for a T1N. I'm sure NCV3s are thirstier...

The most I can consume is somewhere shy of 34 liters per hour and only for a very, very brief number of seconds (like maybe 3).

I forget where the 20% grade is now, but 20% is what one of the control modules reported to StarMOBILE during these tests, which I ran to determine the minimum additional fuel filter capacity. I ended up with a 57 liter per hour, 100 psi rated Racor 110A with the 2 micron 11s filter medium. I bought enough 2 micron filters for about 200,000 miles.

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