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Default Re: Suspension Mounts Superficial Rust (?) MOT FAIL

Originally Posted by lindenengineering View Post
Thanks for posting the pictures.
I see a few like this every so often , basically half a day away from the crusher!

Looks like a nice job done
The last time I was in the UK my brother's shop was doing some weld "scorch up work" on a Transit destined for a Nigerian buyer..Probably end up as a Matatu in Niarobi!

I said to him Hey Gordon this thing looks like a lace curtain.
Yeh after some patching and paint then a T Cut will look great.
All I can state is "Got Matatu"!

For your Sunday entertainment, you have to have good welded structure when you go to bounce de car Maan!!
Bloody hell that lot are crazy! You right though its amazing how many people are fooled by a fresh coat of paint and never think to look underneath. Since i decided to keep mine for a few more years back in 2017 i'm surprised how many jobs i've caught just in time.

It seems to me 15 years from purchase is when things start to go wrong if my vans anything to go by and from the experiences i'm reading online of the newer model i'll definitely stick with mine for now.

I'm finally getting on top of the jobs list, just fitting the cargo area out with some new cabinets at the moment:

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