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Default Re: side mirror surgery

Originally Posted by white whale View Post
Decide at the last minute to see if anything is harvestable before tossing. My convex had gone a while back and the big one had some chips along the edge.
If you want to remove yours....

push in bottom all the way in
flatblade or pry tool to push up, hand pull the rest of the way.

Turns out the reverse is also a mirror, Have not figured out show to separate yet. There is a hole
in the plastic frame that shows the mirror surface.
I doubt a glass shop would cut a shape like this, cheaply.

Will post again if I get the reverse side out, will be a pristine mirror at least.

Assume this was done to be cost effective with the supplier and install - universal fir for either side.

Ok, win for this part.
Instead of using tools and risking chipping or breaking the mirror (in case you want to re-use it) push the TOP of the mirror all the way in then push the bottom of the glass UP with your fingers and slide the glass up around a quarter of an inch to unlatch it, then push the bottom fully in and remove the glass from the top.

This was the MB procedure in the instructions for fitting the top parabolic mirrors.

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