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Default Re: Hoehn Mercedes has shady business practices

I like Hoehn, and use them exclusively for service.
They’ve been the only shop working on my vans since 2014.

I’ve never bought a van there so who knows?
Both dealers I bought from were not very good.....
The Mercedes dealer network has some issues and the high demand for the 4x4 vans is going to make it harder for most people to get a van.

I’m still struggling why The OP drove down to Carlsbad to make an order if he is traffic adverse....easy to do all that over the phone and internet. It’s not like there are a bunch of 4x4 vans on the lot to look at and drive. It does appear that the sales side of the business may have some issues....they’ve never had a solid sprinter salesperson since 2014 that I can recall.

There are many sprinter dealers near Orange County. Laguna Niguel, Walters, Temecula, Beverly Hills....but if you are ordering a van it doesn’t matter much what just gotta go pick it up if they ever build it.

I’d recommend the OP contact a dealer that knows what’s up.....Aaron Berkowitz at Rocklin MB comes to mind.

I’d rather have the check handed back and the order cancelled on the spot versus waiting months thinking I was in line for a van. I’d still be I’m not debating that the situation sucks.
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