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Default Re: Anyone managed to connect a scan gauge to 16+ sprinter?

I was able to simply hook up a Scan Gauge II in the 2019 Demo Van I wrote about.
I did about 75 miles (40 without the SGII) and 35 with a Scan Gauge II that had last been
used (and set up for) an earlier Sprinter (2012 I think).
Not all the PIDs worked, but the important ones like % engine Load (LOD), Engine RPM, MPH,
MAP, etc. seemed to work just fine.
I didn't need to change any protocols or anything else.
I just plugged it in to the much easier to access OBD-II port and it worked.
Hope this helps,
2019 Sprinter 519/907/VS30 series (3500 DRW) 170"/4325 mm wb Hi Top Short Back
OM-642 3.0 liter V6/7G-Tronic, 7 Speed manually shift-able transmission.
Suspension Seats, Active Safety Package +, Parktronic, OEM Hitch/wiring
OEM back up camera, LED light package, fog lamps,
Had 2014 516 OM-651 I4/7G-Tronic|2010 NCV3 519/3500/144|2011 & 2012 NCV3 519/3500 170
2006 T1N 3500/158
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