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Default Re: Anyone managed to connect a scan gauge to 16+ sprinter?

OK.... my 2005 T1N uses the "KWPF" protocol.

Here's the scangauge manual for finding/forcing the protocol ("mode"):


... so it involves tapping the More button *twice* in rapid succession to get there,
then tapping the MODE button on the upper left.
(according to my manual, the Mode button is accessible when it's saying "Connecting...", but i couldn't test that)
...but you do need the key to be in the Run position.

If you do choose to manually select a Mode, run through the choices by tapping either button to the side of the displayed Mode.
When you reach one you want to try, press the FORCE button ... that locks it into the ScanGauge's memory.
That way it will be remembered as you trot the ScanGauge back from the Transit to the Sprinter.

good luck
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