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Default Re: changing transmission fluid and filter on 2008 3500 nc3v


EDIT. This is for the 6-speed manual

I know there´s mainly autom. trannys used Sprinter in States ( or I quess so..)

But just in case someone runs into manaual one, and maybe thinking oli change, here´s few things to be censidered.

First, and think this is crusial, be sure to use correct oil, as listed in serv. manual.
Otherwise you most certain run into problems such as, 1st & 2nd gears hard to...

Second, dont fill the tranny up to the edge of the fill / check hole.
(both allen bolts, (was it 12mm or 14mm..umm)

If filled too much, you end up to those same problems as above..
i don´t have the proper manual in hand now, but I somehoe remember the correct amount was 1,2 liters.. BE sure to check..

Now, someone may think I´m posting somethning completely ridicilous, "like, how can 0,5 liter affect to the trannys operation..or so."
but trust me.. I´ve been with these a lot.

ANd just crossed my mind with this:

When putting the drain plug back, be aware to NOT over thighten it. Tansm.housing can broke quite easily, the plug is "taper shaped".

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