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Default Re: Let's see what trolling crap K-9 SPRINTER is up to (again)...

Originally Posted by HowardB View Post
The OP of this thread is "special". He is famous for posting flamed threads then locking them, or threads that he moderates and only allows positive reinforced reply's to.
Im personally getting a kick out of his latest grossly obvious plagiarized thread on his electrical theorys (which sport dual 400 amp breakers) and 0000 ga wiring.
Me thinks he was pasting and posting schematics from a submarine forum.

For a while I thought Merlin had hacked his account, but now me thinks he is/was Merlin all along.

☺popcorn eh jacko?
Exactly, that looks like something that was plucked out of google images. First he is a photographer, then an electrical wizard.
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