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Default Re: Let's see what trolling crap K-9 SPRINTER is up to (again)...

Originally Posted by HowardB View Post

400 amp breakers / fuses sounds useless, my goal is to reduce my breakers /fuses down down down to their minimums, most of my small 12v stuff like cabinet lights etc are running on 5amp fuses.

Comments good or bad always welcome.
I have two aux batteries that are wired to my inverter, one foot runs. Each has a 150a 12v automotive CB to the feed. I used 4g solid core. In installing stuff I shorted the lead on one battery and just about welded the battery terminal clear off. It didn't trip the CB. But that is the rating, 1500W peak.
I put a 200a fuse in the crank battery's fuse box because I thought that is what factory was. 4g wire between Aux and crank. I don't think that stuff will ever blow.
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