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Thanks for the Maxx Fan info. I called them yesterday and had a discussion with Dave (I think) in tech support. He verified that the Maxx Fan is usable in rain or shine while moving or stationary, and that the advanced controllers (LCD and remote) can be used to set a temperature setpoint for the fan to come on automatically when the interior gets too hot. And yes you're correct that this won't cool the van below ambient exterior temperature. But it can keep the van from turning into an oven with the internal temp climbing to 120 degrees F or more.

Ideally, I could mount a small (30 watt?) solar panel on the roof to recharge the house battery during sunny days when I'm parked in a lot for a week or more and want to limit inside temp climb. I did this before with a little solar roof mount fan on my GMC van, and while it didn't provide a lot of ventilation, it was nice climbing into the Sprinter after a week in a Texas airport parking lot and not have the interior be able to fry eggs.

If I go through with this I'll post pictures of the hole cutting procedure (yikes!!!) as well as any wiring installation.

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