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Just by casual viewing of the websites, the Maxx Fan seems like a better solution than a Fantastic Fan, at least for my Expeditor style Sprinter application. It appears that the Maxx Fans don't need to close to be rain-proof, and can be used both stationary and while moving. The Fantastic Fan requires cover closure via a rain sensor to avoid water coming in the opening and I'm not sure about leaving it open while moving. Also, the Maxx Fan looks like it "tucks down" when off to limit some clearance issues you might have with the Maxx Vent or Turbo Maxx product line.

However, I have only seen Fantastic Fans installed in Sprinters, at least where I've looked. So is the Fantastic Fan a better solution than a Maxx Fan or is the Maxx Fan just new to the game?

Thanks for any input.

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