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Default Re: Canadian vs US Sprinter prices - huge differences

I bougth a brand new 2008 Sprinter in USA this spring. I had the intention to transform it in a small camper. Prices in Canada were too high for my budget so i decided to buy in USA because of "the huge prices differences". The dealer advised me, when i took delivery of the vehicule, that the warranty would not be applicable in Canada , but the price difference was so important and i was already in USA at the dealer store so i decided to take the risk. In my view, it was not a so big risk, i usualy buy used vehicule without warranty and a new one should have less issues than a used one.

Today, the vehicule has only 1300 miles (2300km), i went to the chrysler dealer because of a lot of noise coming from the power steering and the good new i had: the rack and pinion seal was leaking and i need to replace it. The cost of the rack and pinion : 5000$ plus labour.... and no warranty from chrysler Canada. I will have to pay the full price. The price of the part is so disproportionnate considering the quality of the product "1300 miles (2300km)" and you have to put it in the garbage where it should have been at the begining.

I understand now why chrysler and mercedes have so poor quality feedback from their customers. A manufacturer ,who is supposed to be one of the best in the world, who did not have the pride to correct that kind of errors is astonishing. chrysler did not gave me a rebate because i am Canadian and not eligible for the warranty, i pay the same price as USA residents pays for the vehicule. Their is a price for the warranty and it is included in the price they charge for the vehicule. They put the money back in their pockets and do not give the warranty. Chrysler should do a lot of advertising in Canada to sell their Sprinters with no warranty they will be a lot more profitable than to sell to USA citizen.

I totaly lost confidence about this vehicule and at the price simple part as this one is sold i want get rid of it . If someone want to buy an unwarranted mercedes and take the "huges riskes".

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