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Default Re: Dripping Sarcasm Icon

Exactly what makes you think we need a "dripping with sarcasm" emoticon?

I mean seriously. This is a business. We're all getting paid a great deal of money to type on this site and I for one think it's about time to get rid of all emoticons.

Emoticons smack of the "gamer" mentality that has nearly ruined the web for anyone under 65 85.

Why, I remember when we used to send emails using a push button and a toggle switch.

ASCII was going to be killed by EBCIDIC.

64 kilobits of RAM was plenty, back then. How much RAM does an emoticon take? I bet it's at least a megabyte. Don't hog the bandwidth, piggy-piggies.

Does anyone know why I can't get sprinter-source postings via UUCP any more? My Telebit modem isn't getting any phone calls.

Where am I and why am I wearing this diaper?

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