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Default Re: Manuanl override: 1)intake actuator-fresh/recirc 2)heat shutoff 3)aux/engine fan

Originally Posted by Nautamaran View Post
I’ve had to clean crumbs of dirt and salt from around the edges of the plastic turbine dome to free the Espar fan.

WRT your heater valve, if you block the heater return (blue arrow from “3”) while the 3-way cycle/shutoff valve (“5”) is in the ‘heat on’ position, then there will be zero flow through the coolant pump “2” and no EGR circulation. You can prevent the cycle valve closing by energizing it with a constant 12 volt supply to keep it in the “no heat” position 100% of the time.

Thanks, but I new that. BUT what I am not sure is if w/ GDE & the zero duty cycle status of the EGR will that blocked position ever be a problem or even could it be beneficial once coolant temp is reached, this includes times when espar is not needed?
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