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Default Re: Manuanl override: 1)intake actuator-fresh/recirc 2)heat shutoff 3)aux/engine fan

I’ve had to clean crumbs of dirt and salt from around the edges of the plastic turbine dome to free the Espar fan. Running it up to full temperature seems to keep the internals from sooting up, though overheating can be an issue if coolant flow is interrupted.

WRT your added heater valve, you appear to be ignoring the risk of the cycle/shutoff valve also closing. If you block the heater return (blue arrow from “3”) while the 3-way cycle/shutoff valve (“5”) is in the ‘heat on’ position, then there will be zero flow through the “no heat” bypass circuit either (pink arrow below “3”), and no EGR or Espar circulation.

You can prevent the cycle valve moving to the “heat on” position by energizing the valve with a constant 12 volt supply to keep it in the “no heat” position 100% of the time. That would be a MUCH simpler solution to end the short puffs of heat produced when the ATC occasionally cycles the valve to the “heat on” position.

AP’s sketch shows a winter bypass line (yellow) intended to speed cabin heating by preventing coolant from circulating through the cold engine block when the engine is NOT running. The yellow line also bypasses the EGR, so the yellow bypass cannot be open when the engine is running or the EGR will overheat.


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